CREDITS – Meh als mis Läbe


01 Vertraue 

Words & Music by Jasmin Robers & Jana Bovens 


02 Meh als mis Läbe 

Words & Music by Jasmin Robers & Mike Scheuzger 


03 Det uf Golgatha 

Words & Music by Emanuel Kohli 


04 Dini Nöchi 

Words by Jasmin Robers, Aliena Weiss & Emanuel Kohli, Music by Jasmin Robers 


05 Wie lang no (Psalm 13) 

Words & Music by Emanuel Kohli & Timon Schmitter 


06 SELAH (Intro) 

Music by Mike Scheuzger 


07 Ganz bi Dir 

Words & Music by Mike Scheuzger & Jasmin Robers 


08 Din Sieg 

Words by Emanuel Kohli, Music by Timon Schmitter & Emanuel Kohli 


09 Unübertroffe 

Words & Music by Jasmin Robers & Mike Scheuzger 


10 Besser so 

Words & Music by Mike Scheuzger, Dominik Moser, Leon Robers & Janick Brunner 


11 Lied vo de Ewigkeit 

Words by Emanuel Kohli, Timon Schmitter & Lukas Robers, Music by Emanuel Kohli & Timon Schmitter 


12 König 

Words & Music by Michèle Scheuzger 


13 Über allem 

Words & Music by Mike Scheuzger, Jasmin Robers & Timon Schmitter 


14 Mir sehned eus 

Words & Music by Jasmin Robers 


15 Vater unser (Spoken Word) 

Words by Leon Robers 


16 Euse Vater 

Words & Music by Emanuel Kohli 





Produced by Emanuel Kohli & Jörg Hofmann 

Arranged & recorded by Prisma Worship & Manuel Halter 

Mixed by Emanuel Kohli, Jörg Hofmann & Peter Falke

Mastered by Matthias Heimlicher 



Aliena Weiss: Lead Vocals (04) 

Brigit Habegger: ViolinBacking Vocals 

Dave Hunziker: Lead Vocals (05), Drums 

Dominik Moser: Lead Vocals (08, 09), Backing Vocals 

Doris Hauser: Lead Vocals (01), Backing Vocals 

Emanuel Kohli: Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards & Programming, Strings, Synth Bass 

Esther Mitchell: Lead Vocals (10) 

Jasmin Robers: Lead Vocals (02), Backing Vocals 

Jörg Hofmann: Bass Guitar, Keyboards & Programming, Strings, Synth Bass 

Katja Faust: Lead Vocals (16), Backing Vocals 

Leon Robers: Lead Vocals (15) 

Manuel Halter: Piano, Synthesizer, Keyboards & Programming, Organ, Synth Bass, Strings 

Manuel Hartmann: Electric Guitars 

Michael Wunderlin: Lead Vocals (03, 16), Backing Voclas, Flute 

Michèle Scheuzger: Lead Vocals (12), Backing Vocals 

Mike Scheuzger: Lead Vocals (13), Keyboards & Programming, Synthesizer, Synth Bass, Electric Guitars 

Sara Auer: Lead Vocals (07) 

Sonja Moser: Lead Vocals (14), Backing Vocals 

Tania Aguilera: Lead Vocals (11) 

Thamar Müller: Backing Vocals 

Timon Schmitter: Piano, Keyboards 

Yuri Buchmeier: Drums 


Artwork: Nadine Wittwer 

Photography: Dragan Tasic

Video: Christian Pfister


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Distribution: Eventrade GmbH, 



[p] & [c] 2021 Prisma Worship (Eventrade GmbH). All rights of the producer and of the owner of
the recorded work reserved. Unauthorised copying, hiring, renting, public performance and broadcasting of this record prohibited.